Mar 02, 2018
Your perfect dress

As a Photographer, I would like to say that choosing your wedding gown
is one of the most important things when planning your wedding. And
finding your dream wedding dress can be stressful. After all, you’ve
likely never even tried one on before, and it’s the most expensive dress
many women will ever own, so that`s why it could be tough. I suggest
brides-to-be should try on at least four or more different styles to get
the best knowledge of what looks better for their specific body type.

You should choose a dress that goes with the tone for the whole wedding,
whether it’s a grand ballroom venue or a casual beach party. Nowadays,
more brides than ever are doing multiple dresses, a more classic and
formal one for the ceremony and a party-style (more for dancing) one for
the reception, which can double the task of shopping but could also
make your hard choice on deciding which one is better – easier.

There are will be many eyes on you and of course, you want to look
perfect on your special day. The photos after this day you`ll keep
forever and it`s very important that you`d like how you looked at these
photos and loved your dress and how it was sitting on you. You should
ask yourself, – what does perfect mean to you? For some brides, a dream
dress is a ballgown fit for a princess, for others, a dream look is a
sexy gown that makes everyone appreciate her curves. Every bride has her
own vision and her own taste, just choose what feels right for you.


Mar 04, 2017
Time planning

Having a set wedding day timeline is very important for how the day will

go, and it starts with getting ready. When planning timeframe of your

day consider that the wedding photographer should arrive at least 1 hour

before the bride is ready. During this time, the photographer can get

detail shots like the bride applying her last bit of lipstick, getting

ready, dress, rings, invitation, bride sipping a glass of champagne,

gathering with bridesmaids when getting ready for your wedding day. Make

sure you have enough food for your and your hangry bridesmaids while

everyone will be getting ready.

Schedule a time for a first look. This sentimental moment is really

unique and you will never regret doing this. The photos of pre-ceremony

first look photo session will make more sense as you can schedule it in

better lighting place and it will be a much more intimate moment then

seeing each other for a first time at the ceremony.

When planning your day you should keep in mind that the worst time for

an outdoor photo shoot or outdoor ceremony is from 12 pm till 2 pm

because of the very harsh light. The best time is one hour before


To better understand when to start getting ready, begin with the time

that you need to arrive at the ceremony venue, and work backward. Ask

yourself what do you need to do before that and it will help with the

planning the timeline for your wedding day.


Feb 20, 2016
Be happy

The best advice that I have ever heard is, you should be happy to make others happy. So don`t be too stressed about planning your wedding, you should not forget to enjoy this journey too! Also love, and respect for your partner is the key to a happy married life.

One fact about weddings is that they tend to consume a lot of time. Getting caught up in the madness of choosing the dinner entrée or right napkin color can be very distractive from other aspects of your life. Wedding planning leaves many couples at-risk of placing form over content. In other words, you can shift your concentration to everything looking perfect and away from what`s a lot more important, – your relationship. Exhausting yourself with wedding planning can take its toll on intimacy. Planning the event should always come second to enjoying this time with your fiance. It’s best to avoid being self-absorbed with making everything faultless and to instead think about what would bring you closest to your partner throughout the day. What would be best to keep you at the moment? What unique experiences could you and your loved one share?
And also don’t let every little fight affect your lives and don’t compare yourself to other people. Every relationship has rises and falls but communication is very important. It’s best to have a sincere conversation whenever something upsets you. So be happy on your wedding day and remember the reason why you doing all of this is more important than the perfection of the event!

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